Airpods 2 to incorporate wellness sensor and noise cancellation feature to its latest upgrade

AirPods 2

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Future AirPods could incorporate wellness features and noise cancellation. Recently, uncovered trademark filings revealed; a trademark filing generally describes the function of the product being trademarked. The previous filing simply described audio components and accessories and mentioned that AirPods is a sound recording and reproducing apparatus, among other things.

The report speculates forensic detail about what’s going to change. In summary, the original AirPods Registered Trademark covered something called International Class 09. The new trademarks also hint kinds of future feature that they might uncover. There are three new classes, 10, 14 and 28.

The new upgrade adds health fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors to the list. This could even involve biometric sensors. The filing mentions a mechanism for transmission of biometric data and sensors for monitoring heart-rate, body movement and calories burned.

Added the AirPods could work closely with the Apple Watch in this regard, which makes sense given the imminent onset of 5G networking, which is specifically designed for streamlining data use for IoT devices. This classification defines watches, clocks and related instruments.

It is of course that Apple putting something in a trademark filing is a long way from guaranteeing that features will appear in the near future or even at all. But it’s an intriguing hint of what might be to come. It is yet unknown when the device will be announced, so we’ll wait for it until it’s made official hoping to come with some more upgraded features.

Via: Forbes

Airpods 2 to incorporate wellness sensor and noise cancellation feature to its latest upgrade