Is Facebook’s Lasso too late to arrive in the market?

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The social media platform had come up with an excellent way to win over the teens in a massive way. Facebook, the widespread media body had launched an appealing app to create fun amongst the teens to create mini videos and to compete with Tik Tok, the famous 15-second app that had been mingled with

It had been a new technique to win over the teen hearts with the largest social media platform that had lost its hold over, recently. According to the recent reports it had been recorded that only half of the teens agreed to the fact of being a user of the social media platform – Facebook, as compared to 2004, where almost 71 percent of them were being a part of it. The app had been created a storm by making the platform fun, free and enjoyable and had been reported as being the development in late October.

This app consisted of techniques where the users can record themselves dancing or syncing lips to the recent and trending music, quite similar to what they had been doing in Tik Tok. It is also capable of making short videos like Vines which will be available on both iOS and Android.

Facebook had reported that Lasso, had been the new standalone app for mass entertainment, short form-ranging from comedy to the beauty fitness and lots more. It had been an exciting collaboration with major potential and the feedbacks from the users are expected to be recorded and taken into consideration.

We can get connected to Lasso through the Instagram profiles or directly by creating an account on Facebook. The authorization is required to access the profile page and the videos and pictures. After the connection, the users will be able to scroll and reach onto tons of short videos that can be played automatically after its being passed by.

Hashtags are also visible prominently at the bottom together with the options of liking the posts. There had also been the options of using filter content with the tags. The lasso videos can be shared through the Facebook stories and the feature of uploading it in Instagram comes later. The choice of keeping the account private and personal is also taken into consideration.

The videos of two women dancing skillfully on to ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran or a dude in a beanie doing rope trick jump to ‘psycho’ by Post Malone are shown when signed in which shows a wide variety of options and range available to make the medium more fun and trendy, especially amongst the teens. There had also been the video of an exhilarating athletic display of six men performing flips over a woman who’s performing an upside-doing split to the song ‘I like it’ by Cardi B, which follows an impressive flip by her.

There had been a wealth of content available on Lasso similar to Facebook Watch during its initial stage of launch. This shows that Facebook which is known for its massive reach had been able to open the app to the community of beta users before today. But still, its expected that Lasso might appear to come a little late just like the Facebook watch and the users have to watch for it a bit. Bytedance’s TikTok, also known as Douyin in China had been around since 2016.

However, Facebook had been absurdly in silence about the launch of the lasso, with no official declaration on the website. It had only been the announcement of lasso’s launch by the Facebook Product Manager Andy Huang on Twitter which talked about its release.

This was followed by the Tweet by the product manager of Lasso which confirmed the launch of the new video app which creates fun, short videos and make it more accessible and trendy amongst the teens where they can share it amongst their friends to make it more joyful.

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