The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has invited international proposals for a scientific payload for its mission to Venus by mid-2023. The ISRO has issued a declaration of Opportunities AO.

This is a declaration of space-based opportunities for study on Venus, which is openly invited by international astronauts from many spacecraft, research laboratories, academic institutions, and universities.

Proposals are being solicited from the international scientific community to conduct new space experiments to study specific areas of scientific interest on Venus. This AO has a specific objective to identify important scientific experiments that reinforce/complement the general science of the set of pre-selected proposals of India in the Venus mission of ISRO. – ISRO

In present planetary exploration studies, proponents are ready to develop space equipment for space and develop space-appropriate experiments. The proposal will be accepted until midnight on December 20, as said by ISRO.
It is expected that the proponents will participate in planetary exploration studies, the development of scientific instruments for space and are willing to develop experiments worthy of space, as well as having access to the associated facilities for testing and calibration of instruments.

The payload capacity of the proposed satellite to be launched by ISRO is likely to be about 100 kg with 500W of power. The orbit proposed by the satellite around Venus is expected to around 500 km over 60 000 km, which should be progressively reduced over several months to reduce the farthest point of Venus in an elliptical orbit, depending on the final configuration of the spacecraft.

The payloads expected from India are: