Google Pixel 3 has been making its rounds in the markets for almost a month now; but, much like its predecessor, the Pixel 2 phones, the Pixel 3 users have started complaining of a number of issues they have been facing while using their smartphones. One such issue was reported by a user on Twitter not a week since its launch. In his tweet, the user complained of notifications interfering with video recording by blurring the video if the phone is on vibration; and supplied a video to substantiate his complaint.

While this user decided to replace his handset, he complained of the issue persisting in his replaced unit. And a number of Reddit users also complained of facing the same issue, with some of them sending their feedback to Google.

As of now, a workaround has been discovered for this problem. Users can activate DND on their phones while using the phone camera. While some devices automatically switch to DND while using the camera; for those that don’t, it can be activated manually by checking the ‘Do Not Disturb Access’ in settings and see if the camera is enabled.

The ‘Do Not Disturb Access’ found in settings is different from the ‘Do Not Disturb’, and it has a list of all the apps that are allowed access to modify the DnD setting. While this is a temporary solution, it is better than nothing while users wait for an update from Google.