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Microsoft and XBOX confirms their attendance at E3 2019; While Sony and PlayStation Forego

Nov 16, 2018, 11:45 am

Sony has announced today that they have decided to forego E3, 2019. While the company has not given any official reason for the same; it is being speculated that the decision has something to do with the launch of Sony’s upcoming consoles, the PlayStation 5. Speculations suggest that the company might be wishing to launch the consoles at a date closer to their official release date, rather than months ahead at the E3, 2019.

On the flip side, Microsoft has confirmed their attendance at E3, 2019, by a tweet made from its official XBOX account, thus also ensuring that XBOX shall have a strong presence at the upcoming event; especially due to the lack of a rival in Sony’s PlayStation.

A lot to share with fans at E3 2019. Always a high point of the year to witness the industry’s creativity and the energy of the community. – Microsoft’s Phil Spencer

During the close of the XBOX presentation at E3 2018, Microsoft had announced that it was working on developing the successor to the Xbox One generation of consoles. Thus, it is being expected that Microsoft shall have some update to share on its development.

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