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Microsoft is surrounded with complaints of inaccurate battery display in some of its devices

Nov 16, 2018, 9:00 am

Microsoft faces a problem as complaints are coming from everywhere regarding the sudden shut down because of the false display of battery after the update was done with firmware. Some surface users from the Reddit community gave their feedback that the battery is not accurate, the battery suddenly drops and then the battery runs out which causes the sudden shutdown. The devices which are affected by the problem are Surface Pro, Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, other than this the Surface Book and Surface Laptop don’t have this problem.

A Surface user stated that the issue which they are going through is nothing new as this has happened earlier too.

Reddit user Wallzii said that “After installing the firmware update to solve the battery problem, I have now encountered a battery problem that was not updated before. After installation, my battery capacity is actually higher than the design capacity (updated battery capacity is adjusted to 8000mWh), let I mistakenly think that it has more battery power than it actually is. When my battery is under 15% of the reported low battery, it is already low”.

There has been no official announcement made by the Microsoft about acknowledging or when will they take an initiative to fix the ongoing issue.

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