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Amazon’s technical glitch leaks usernames and email addresses; error fixed

Nov 22, 2018, 9:00 am

In a recent news update, Amazon has recently revealed that many of its user’s personal information like their usernames and email addresses have been publicly visible on their website due to a technical error on their end. In a quick response to contain the error, Amazon has sent emails to the affected users whose information have been leaked, informing them of the error and promising to take immediate actions.

It is however yet unclear as to how many users have been affected by this error. The email forwarded by Amazon was sent only to those whose details have been leaked. So there is no sure way of knowing the exact number of affected users. To be on the safe hand, it is suggested that all the users should check their emails with which they have registered on Amazon, lest they receive a mail from the company.

Since the error has been reported, customers and users have been pouring into the Amazon forums enquiring about the puzzling nature of the email.

In another update, Amazon has clarified that the error has been fixed and there’s no threat to the personal info of any of its users. Though this was a worldwide phenomenon, it is yet unclear as to which regions were affected the most, though many users in the US and UK have reported having received an email from the company.

The mail also states that there is no need for the users to reset their password and the issue has been fixed on their end.

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