Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, student life is much easier, since there are hundreds of student apps that help you cope with day-to-day tasks. In this way, when you use them, you can focus on more important activities, such as studying.

Also if you want to prepare for the MCAT test then you can use the MCAT test prep tutor to make your task easier. These apps will be helpful for your MCAT test prep.

Here we bring you a selection of our 7 Apps for Students. Our list includes apps for Android and apps for iOS from Apple. In addition, almost all are free.

Apps for Students

App # 1: GoConqr

We start with an essential app that will allow you to study in a more productive way wherever you are.

The GoConqr app allows you to view and share slides, mind maps, memory cards, online notes and tests created with the web version of GoConqr so you can review your content from anywhere. Never before has it been so easy to keep up with your studies and share resources with your classmates.

Educational Applications Notes

In addition, if you are someone who likes to do everything from your mobile, you will also find specific apps to create different types of resources from your mobile device.

App # 2: Lumosity

Lumosity is the best app you can use to make your study easy. This app combines more 25 cognitive games to train our brain daily and keep it active. In this way, when we face our study, we will be much more prepared and we will have more mental agility to assimilate knowledge.

App # 3: SelfControl

It’s time to study; you sit at your desk and start creating a Mind Map to organize your ideas. However, when you have just created a couple of nodes, a notification appears on Facebook … It’s that easy, another moment of untapped concentration.

To avoid this, SelfControl allows you to block certain websites during a certain time, previously established by you, so that you can concentrate on the studies and avoid distractions as common as social networks. The best of all is that once these locks are established, you will not be able to access these websites under any circumstances, even if you delete the application.

App # 4: Maths Alarm Clock

Another tool to control you; your dream this time or rather, excess sleep. If you are one of those who postpone the alarm for 5 to 5 minutes over and over again without practically opening your eyes, we have the solution for you. With Maths Alarm Clock you will have to solve simple math problems every time you want to turn off the alarm. With this, you will make sure you are awake and with your brain functioning as soon as the alarm goes off. It’s over late.

App # 5: Sleep If U Can

With Sleep If U Can, you’ll have to get out of bed and take a picture of your sink (or any other place you define) to turn off the alarm.

App # 6: Studious

Are you a bit disorganized? Then Studious is for you. With this app, you can organize your schedule, put your mobile in silence automatically when you enter the class and even schedule your exams and deliveries. No more excuses.

App # 7: Babylon

Babylon, an excellent online translator for more than 75 languages. With it, you can solve all your doubts about the meaning of key vocabulary for your exams.

So if you are preparing for the completive exams then these apps surely help you.

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