Patent reports suggest Sony is working on new handheld consoles

Sony Handheld Device

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Sony PlayStation Vita might not have had a raging success, but PlayStation CEO John Kodera has said that Sony is not giving up on handheld consoles just yet. Keeping the success of Nintendo Switch in mind, Kodera revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that linking home consoles with handheld was essential for PlayStation’s success, and a new patent suggests that Sony may be working on some new ideas for the same.

A patent for ‘electronic game cartridge’ made public in South Korea by KIPRIS this month showed that the design of the module was submitted last year. Although the patent did not contain any concrete information regarding the product itself, the title for the device left little to the imagination. The bottom of the device has a connection that may be used to communicate with a console.

Sony Game CartridgeWhile it is difficult to estimate what Sony might be working on, it has nonetheless intrigued potential buyers. A patent already discovered in 2017 contained designs for a handheld that looked suspiciously like the Nintendo Switch, complete with two controllers on both sides. These controllers, however, have a design similar to that of the DualShock 4, the controller of the current PlayStation 4. It may here be noted that not all patents ultimately become products.

Source: TechTastic

Patent reports suggest Sony is working on new handheld consoles