The submission of the new update by WhatsApp through the Google play Beta Programme bringing the version up to 2.18.362 version had recently been recorded.

According to reports, WhatsApp had been working to attain the consecutive voice messages feature. The feature required certain developments before launching it to the users. Therefore its alright if the users are not getting the feature even after updating WhatsApp, because its still under development.

After the addition of this feature in WhatsApp for updating the code and it is finally appearing in the updates by featuring the new Consecutive Voice messages technique. This enables the continuous play of the consecutive voice messages and will be displayed when (two or more voice messages) are detected by WhatsApp.

This shows that the users will be able to listen to all the consecutive voice notes without pressing the play button continuously.

When the voice message ends, the WhatsApp would play the short audio which would report the action and consists of two different tones. When the voice note ends, the first one suggests that whether the voice note had been fully played and there is another voice note ready to be played.

However, the other one is played at the end of the voice message, when there are no other voice messages to play.

This WhatsApp consecutive voice messages feature is expected to be enabled in the next beta update.