There are a lot of services which Google provides us. A few of them went really well and few failed to impress the users. 12 years ago, Google Translate was launched and since then it has evolved according to its users, in the way they wanted it to be, and proved to be one of the most helpful services by Google.

Google Translate translates the language of the web page which helps people communicate to the world in the language they are comfortable with. The translations are not clear or a bit muddied sometimes but this happens rarely.

It’s been twelve years since the launch of Google Translate, and since then Translate has evolved to keep up with the ways people use it. Initially translating between English and Arabic only, we now translate 30 trillion sentences per year across 103 languages. – James Kuczmarski, Product Manager

Now Google has announced a new Translate with great changes on the web which will surely make it look better as it will also have few added functionalities like