It is now publicly announced by the law firm of Hagens Berman that they have filed a lawsuit against the Apple on 18th of November in Northern California that claims that there’s a defect in the display of MacBook Retina display and Apple’s iMac.

Also, Apple failed in installing filters for the computers vents which is leading to expensive repairs and making its customer furious because they have paid huge prices for Apple’s product and Apple has totally refused to take responsibility.

The news site of the law firms says, “Mac owners today hit Apple Inc. with a nationwide class-action lawsuit calling out the tech giant for knowingly selling iMacs and MacBook computers with a filter defect that leads to the slowing of the motherboard’s processing speed, and permanent screen smudges due to trapped dust”.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world today because consumers trust it to make reliable, quality products, yet it has failed to remedy one of the most simple and well-known problems in the technology community – the accumulation of dust. This filter defect is costing Apple owners hundreds of dollars in repairs, and Apple refuses to take responsibility. We intend to hold Apple accountable for this costly defect affecting millions of its computers. – Steve Berman, managing partner and the co-founder of Hagens Berman

He further added,  “Apple’s own message boards are full of reports of these widespread problems caused by the filter defect. The dust has settled, and it’s time for Apple to stop ignoring this expensive issue plaguing its own customers.”

The lawsuit also states that Apple’s computers lack fan filters which is the reason behind the low speed, the smudge under the screen and dust. It also mentions that Apple needs to provide monetary compensation for the prices paid for the screens which did not perform well as claimed by Apple along with compensation for the cost of repairs made to change the motherboard or the screen and also for the people who had to sell the computers because of the dark smudgy spots present on the screen.

There are a lot of solutions available for other computers like removal of the screen by the suction cup. Although these things are available, Apple still continues to charge $600 to customers to replace the entire screen. Even after calls and complaints coming to Apple customer support, Apple customer representatives denied all the problem and no response was received.

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