Instagram always helps you maintain privacy. This time it introduces a new feature that allows you to share your Instagram story to only the group of people you want to share with. Instagram close friends feature is introduced with the intention that sometimes there are a few pictures we don’t want to share with everyone.

To use this super cool feature and make your own Instagram Close friends list all you have to do is, go to your profile and click on side menu named Close Friends. There you can create your own close friend’s list and to get added there no one can send you request so that you can be comfortable.

When you will share any story you will get an option to share that only with your close friend list, and if you are been added to a close friend list you will get to see a green badge while you view their story and will also see a green ring on their profile photo in the story tray.

This Instagram feature will be available from today on all the latest versions of Instagram on Android and iOS.