Exclusive 3D Renders of the New Samsung Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone Revealed

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Today a Samsung extendable and foldable smartphone patent was circulated on the web. However, the Korean manufacturer has also filed a patent for a completely different type of foldable smartphone model. The device has two housings that can be bent at different angles and kept magnetically together.

Samsung dual-screen foldable smartphone

This fairly new patent was submitted in May 2018 under the name ‘Electronic device with multi-angle cradling’. The Samsung Electronics patent was published on 29 November 2018 by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

Samsung Two Screen FoldableThe patented Samsung smartphone has two separate housings, each of which is provided with a (nearly) full-screen display. The housings are pulled towards each other by means of a magnetic force. The device can be folded so that you can also place the phone with the displays facing the outside. Useful for example to watch a video.

General data such as time, status bar, battery and signal strength are all shown on the left display. This screen can also be used to display a keyboard, in which case the content is shown on the other display.

The patented foldable smartphone has two cameras. A camera, a flash, and a speaker are placed at the front of the smartphone. Once unfolded, the phone on the left has a camera, a lighting sensor, and a proximity sensor.

Although this is not shown on the pictures, the device will also be provided with an audio jacket. This is placed on the top or bottom of the device. The power button and the volume button are placed on the side of the first housing.

Samsung foldable smartphone models

You can hardly have missed the fact that Samsung showed her first foldable phone earlier this month. The device is equipped with an Infinity Flex display that unfolds to a 7.3-inch tablet. The official introduction is expected early next year.

Samsung has already indicated that it wants to launch a new foldable smartphone model every year. Probably it will still take several years before these expensive devices become a real trend. But you can assume that the company will have several foldable smartphones with different designs in the portfolio at that time. Whether the patented device is also included today is still difficult to predict at the moment.

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