Samsung Patent showcases undergoing work on future Galaxy phones and Watches

Galaxy Watch

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As per Patent, the same ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor suppliers for next smartphones of Samsung are now trying their hands to gain the business of Apple’s Pro-business i-Pad. The report published was titled as “In-Display Biometric Sensor Companies line-up for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Business and Apple could be next”.

The post gave us a hint that the company will opt for in-display technology which could be used in their future Galaxy Watch and also the smartphone would include an on-screen fingerprint sensor, under-panel sensor, a front-facing camera or iris scanner under the display and a speaker built into the screen.

They specified that “The display device may include a display panel, a touch sensor, and/or an electronic pen sensor. The display panel may include an LCD panel, an LED display panel, an OLED display panel, a MEMS display panel, or an electronic paper display panel. The touch sensor may include a capacitive touch panel, a pressure-sensitive touch panel, a resistive touch panel, an infrared touch panel, or an ultrasonic touch panel”.

The future Galaxy Note or S devices may include an electronic pen sensor, just like a digitizer, which is capable to receive an input from an electronic pen, it may also be included in the touchscreen display.

The fingerprint sensor which is capable of detecting the fingerprint of the users on the rear surface of the touchscreen display may also detect a touch having a defined pressure on through a specified area or via fingerprint recognition area on the touchscreen display.

Samsung Patent showcases undergoing work on future Galaxy phones and Watches