China continues to break tech boundaries: To build first underwater high speed train

China Underwater High Speed Train

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India announced in the month of September about its plan for the first high-speed underwater bullet train, which would run from Thane under the Thane Creek through a submerged corridor to Vasai which is almost seven kilometers.

Whereas on the other hand, China is continuously breaking records in terms of technology and here again by building its first underwater bullet train, it will be a part of 77-kilometer Yong-Zhou Railway plan 16-kilometer. Trains traveling along the railway line which would connect all the other existing high-speed railway networks which would connect Zhoushan to Ningbo in Shanghai which can accelerate its speed to 250 km/hr.

Because of such high speed of the train, it will be very much possible to reach to Zhoushan from the capital city of Hangzhou the Zhejiang in 80 minutes, which currently takes 4.5 hours from the bus and 2.5 hours by car to reach.

There is a lot of planning going for this humongous project, reports are that adding up to the undersea tunnel a road-rail bridge will be constructed to link the Zhoushan archipelago and the tracks will be newly built of 70.8 kilometers, seven stations are also planned which includes three stations which are going to be redeveloped and four new stations. Work is expected to begin next year, the route is due for completion in 2025.

The highest rail line is Beijing to Guangzhou at 2,298 stands as the longest high-speed railway line in the World, China’s high-speed railway network is the largest in the whole wide world.

China continues to break tech boundaries: To build first underwater high speed train