HTC today announced that HTC U12+ will launch a new customized version, breaking the past appearance of mobile phones in the market due to mass production. The new HTC U12+ custom version allows consumers to design their own designs, colors and texts on the new transparent enamel glass back cover through HTC’s exclusive web page, adding personal design elements to make your mobile phone unique in the world.

The official website can provide designer templates for direct application. You can also customize the pictures and shapes provided by the official website. Among the flagship machines of many brands around the world, HTC U12+ is not only “Made in Taiwan” mobile phone in the world but also the creativity and wisdom of Taiwanese. From design to assembly and testing, all of them are made by the Taiwan team. Organized, carrying 20 years of R & D results and design DNA.

HTC said that because the appearance of mobile phones in the market is more and more being emphasized the company also tries to prove its creativity that you can show yourself. But you can only change it by buying your own mobile phone case.

Therefore, HTC U12+ customized version provides consumers with special HTC website. You can design your own patterns, colors, and texts on the back of the new transparent swill glass body to create a unique mobile phone that allows consumers to add a variety of styles, vitality, vitality, and creativity to the HTC U12+. Festivals, anniversaries, gifts, corporate image phones.

In addition to the original black, red and see-through blue colors, HTC U12+ is available in 6GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB versions. The customized version of 6G/64G is priced at NT$24,200, 6G. The price of the 128G is NT$25,200. Consumers can start the HTC U12+ customized version of the HTC online store from now on, and the production time can be shipped within about two weeks.