YouTube Expands Autoplay on Home Tab Feature for Free Apps

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Stuti Nandan
Stuti Nandan
Feminist by mind, socialist by heart. Passionate about everything she does, always learn new things with an open mind. A tech savvy and keeps an update about everything happening around, loves reading that is what gives her the best of both world some reality some fantasy.

YouTube after hearing out from users around the world that they want easier ways to preview videos and watch it on the go, has now finally decided to launch an all-new feature to the YouTube app known as Autoplay on Home.

This feature will let you preview videos so that you can watch only the videos you like and YouTube on the go without an audio. This feature was available for Premium members on Android for more than half of the year giving some great result and feedbacks.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that this preview system allows you to get detailed information so that you understand if you really want to watch a video or not.

In case if you don’t find this Autoplay on Home feature interesting or helpful, you can simply turn off the feature. One more option is Autoplay on WiFi, which means the feature will only be active when the WiFi is turned on.

YouTube has also developed few options to add and edit captions for the creators, which are mentioned as follows.

Creator-uploaded captions: Nobody understands work better than their own work, that is why YouTube gives freedom to the creators so that they can add their own captions on any of their videos by going to Video Manager and clicking edit subtitles and CC and then add new CC or subtitles.

Crowd-sourced community captions: Just to make you reach a larger number of audience, YouTube has introduced some added features for your videos by adding the title, subtitles, translating into a few additional languages, descriptions and closed captions to videos. The caption before getting published are reviewed by both Youtube as well as the creators, and they can be edited anytime. You can enable Community contribution by going to Creator Studio, clicking on Translators and Transcriptions, Community contributions and then turn it on.

Automatic captions: YouTube is totally focused on improving automatic captions, speech recognition, expanding the training data, machine learning algorithms, as there is a notable leap in accuracy for automatic captions. It needs 44 percent improvement in Italian and 50 percent in English, this has brought YouTube closer to the translation error rates. YouTube very well know that automatic captions are never perfect that’s why they have given an option to edit captions.

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