27 May 2020, 5:12 AM (GMT)

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Facebook down: Users mysteriously logged out of their accounts

Author at TechGenyz Facebook
Facebook Logout
It's hardly two weeks; Facebook is down again. Several users reported the issue and took another social media, Twitter, to share their problem. Numerous Facebook users claim they have been mysteriously logged out of their accounts - and can't get back in. The social media users claimed that they were failed to log into their account since the password appeared to have stopped working. Hundreds of users experiencing Facebook login issues and a total blackout of services which is now becoming a trending topic on Twitter with the Facebook Down hashtag. https://twitter.com/KatJerri/status/1070312141092208640 https://twitter.com/marcosescorche/status/1070315084398903296 Facebook Outage https://twitter.com/kendie/status/1070315168209481729 https://twitter.com/MarwanAlHasbini/status/1070311344619036674 https://twitter.com/Tigran_Matinyan/status/1070317168733159424 https://twitter.com/xleahcoppinx/status/1070318084265779200 https://twitter.com/d33d0s/status/1070312643259437057 https://twitter.com/sanjana_SharmaS/status/1070312413268860928 https://twitter.com/juozas/status/1070311420267520002 https://twitter.com/Silvah_7/status/1070316659435548672

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151,767 Total
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64,426 (42.5%) Recovered
27 May 2020, 4:23 AM (GMT)

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