Asia-Pacific company, GoPro announced on Monday that it plans to move most of the production of cameras destined for the US out of China by the winter of 2019. The relocation is due to the commercial war between the two countries. The action-camera company, however, did not specify where its workforce would change.

Production for the Chinese market will remain in China as well as for countries other than the USA. Since a good part of its customer base are Americans, in recent years the company has been able to expand its market in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region; as in Japan and South Korea.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said the simplicity of the company’s products, consisting of a line of three action cameras and a 360-degree camera for semi-professionals, makes adapting to business warfare easier than for some other companies that have a wider range of products.

GoPro’s latest line, Hero 7, arrived in India last month in November. Its Black model, the most expensive of this line, has already become the GoPro that sold faster in the company’s history.