Lu Hao, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, was asked at a conference on November 10 about which countries signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei. In response, the Minister said that the list of nations that signed a 5G trade agreement was already past 20 names; something that is not surprising, with the trustworthy reputation of the Chinese giant.

Regarding the new connection technology, the Huawei 5G commercial contracts which already has predictions that 40% of the world population will use it in six years. And Huawei expects to be one of the big names in the upcoming market, already making deals with big companies in the partnered region.

Despite the agreements with several countries, the relationship with one of the world’s largest powers, the United States, is getting worse. After Trump’s announcement, the commercial war did not stop and appears to fall for some time, with the daughter of the owner of Huawei being arrested on American land.

There is also a serious discussion about the reliability of Huawei, with some people always accusing the Chinese giant of being a threat to their national security. Lu Hao himself, however, says that despite the allegations, no one has yet brought an indictment with valid evidence or arguments. Therefore, the external image of the company has not yet been damaged and continues to relate well to several countries.