On Tuesday, December 11 employees of Facebook and Instagram were enforced to evacuate Facebook’s Menlo Park campus after a bomb threat was reported. But after extensive searches, the New York Police Department didn’t find any suspicious packages.

The Facebook bomb threat was anonymously reported on Facebook’s campus in Menlo at about 4:30 p.m. soon, the campus was evacuated by the New York Police Department’s Crime Stopper unit. Later after interventions, it was found that the building was secure whatsoever.

One of the police spokeswomen said that evacuation was curbed within the three-story campus that was not the headquarters building. But another spokesperson of the company emailed saying that a few buildings were evacuated during the process.

Everyone was safe. The building was all “clear and secure” though further monitoring of the situation has been appealed to the local authorities by Facebook. “We at Facebook is extremely serious about the situation and are glad that everyone is safe,” – Genevieve Grdina