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The mobile market will have more than half of the world’s gaming revenue in 2019

Dec 12, 2018, 10:39 am

2018 is the first year in which mobile games exceed the mark of 50% on world revenue for the gaming sector contribution, reaching 51%. By 2019, the mobile sector is expected to reach 60% of revenues.

The market has already been studied for some time by the big companies in the gaming industry, with Ubisoft intending to adapt its AAA titles to the mobile and the next title of the Blizzard Diablo franchise will be launched for mobile.

According to Annie App analysts, revenue growth will be led by two distinct genres: RTS multiplayer (real-time strategy) and casual games. The successes of Fortnite and PUBG in their mobile versions, coupled with the expected enhancement of smartphone performances, have greatly helped in the growing fame of mobile RTS games.

While in casual games, the player base is much bigger, the money spent by them is usually lower, but the mass of users makes up for it, as it was at the time of the success for Candy Crush Saga. The game downloading companions, such as the App Store and the Play Store is projected to reach $122 billion in revenue for 2019. 75% of this amount will come from games.

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