Puma is releasing its iconic RS-Computer running shoes which were initially released in 1986. Yes, a smart shoe in 1986, it’s not a new invention and an indeed jaw-drop release at that time.

The RS-Computer shoes could connect directly to any Apple IIE, Commodore 64, or IBM PC thanks to its 16-pin connector. They allowed runners to track things like distance, time, and calories burned. The RS-Computer shoes from Puma will also include a three-axis accelerometer, LED indicators, a USB port for charging, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Puma 1986 Smart ShoeThe comeback of the Puma Smart Shoe is more reassuring since it’s made according to the modern era. It has a custom-designed computer chip inside a protruding heel that automatically recorded the time, distance, and calories expended. The data could then be uploaded to an Apple IIe or Commodore 64 PC using a 16-pin cord.

Though it’s the 2018 edition, the design is unchanged. It replicates the original experience, but now you can use Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone with the dedicated RS-Computer Shoe app, while the shoe’s battery charges via a USB connector.

The RS-Computer shoes will officially be rereleased on Thursday, December 13th that will be available in the US and Japan, and Puma stores in Harajuku, Tokyo; Carnaby Street, London, and Berlin.