Who haven’t faced issues with electronic devices and this time it was our Big B of Bollywood. Now, this seems to be a real struggle for Amitabh Bachchan as he had to face issues with his smartphone and took to Twitter to say about it.

While shuffling on Twitter, Bachchan’s Tweet catches the sight where he literally asks for help since his Samsung Galaxy S9 has stopped functioning. He being helpless asks for help to his followers. His Tweet is something that many of us can relate to. But his rants on Twitter will make you go LOL.

From the Tweet, it could be well understood that the phone was stuck in a reboot loop, something which is very common these days. A reboot loop occurs when a device unpredictably restarts at some point during its otherwise normal startup process. Reboot loop behavior indicates a significant computer problem that right away puts the computer into a closed loop without allowing the system to finish a complete, stable boot cycle.

As he is the brand ambassador of OnePlus, the tweet was followed with funnier tweets that hit Samsung very directly. However, Xiaomi India’s Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain took to the opportunity to promote his brand. He said it’s time to change the phone. He suggests him to try the most loved technology brand in India. “Happy to send a flagship phone to you, if you want.”

Later Bachchan did confirm in another tweet that Samsung responded real quick to fix the issue immediately. But it seems that he had a miserable night indeed.