A new app powered by AI has been released by Microsoft to provide content that it deems essential to you. Hummingbird; as the new app is named learns your search history over time to ameliorate stories found from a wide range of sources.

Hummingbird also requires an initial setup wherein the users can select their topics of interest and sources as well. On top of the curated content, there is a Search function which provides users with up to date generalized news and some videos which are viral across the internet.

To use the app you first need to sign in using your Microsoft or LinkedIn login info. Next Microsoft asks you to pick the news categories that you would want to hear about. Once you get your “Mix” set up, you can choose from 16 topics to add to your feed. After its done, you’ll see some tabs to select from.

Beyond the feed, Hummingbird’s got a search function for topics and viral videos, and a profile tab that aptly titles as “Me” that yields a list of topics you’re following, articles you’ve saved, and your viewing history. The latter is also where you can disable automatic GIF and video playback.

The app is available in the US for download from the Play Store, but users in other regions can try it out by downloading the APK Mirror for Android.