The Spider-Man DLC lineup for PlayStation 4 will come to an end next week with the arrival of Silver Lining, the third and final DLC. The first of them was The Heist, with the appearance of the Black Cat, the second DLC already featured Hammerhead, Turf Wars.

Spider Man SuitSilver Saber is the character of the time, to close the trinity of DLCs. With the story turning to the past of the war criminal slayer, Wild Pack leader and CEO of Silver Sable International.

The DLC synopsis says: The Silver Saber has returned to claim its technology stolen from Silver Sable International. With New York police chief Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave after the Hammerhead incident, Spider-Man will have unexpected help to keep Marvel’s New York safe.

Of course, Silver Lining will come with three uniforms for you to hang from one building to another with more style: No Aranhaverso, Spider-Man Cyborg, and Aaron Aikman.

Despite the general liking, some people have complained that the latest DLC will not feature any of the trilogy uniforms starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi.