On Thursday Twitter released its biannual Transparency Report marking the thirteenth time in the company’s history that Twitter has expounded on its privacy practices in such tremendous detail. The Indian Government currently trends in information requests, account removal requests, and other privacy matters regarding the network.

The Indian government is getting more hyper for the user data and requests Twitter for the removal of 355 accounts from the period of January-June 2018 while 237 accounts were requested for removal by the law enforcement agencies in the country.

While Twitter seems to be getting choosier about whether it will grant the government’s requests, the Transparency Report renders that only 11% of Indian government requests during this period led to some information being produced by Twitter. However, this figure has dropped significantly over the past five reporting periods.

This is not the first time that Twitter has been receiving a removal request. When Twitter receives a removal request through a legal order or from a government body of a particular country, it is usually compelled to remove the content even if there is no violation of its terms of service. The removal request has been spiking every year. The Indian government, too, has been making more and more claims for removal around 100 more than in the previous reporting period.

The significant number of reports it received through reporting flow continued to decline from an average of approximately 868,349 in January to approximately 504,259 in June. The number of users blocked from January through June suggests that many of the censured accounts belonged to Kashmiri users. The efforts that the Indian government is taking are seemed to have increased since June.