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Xiaomi Mi Polarised Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses completes crowdfunding in India

Dec 17, 2018, 5:30 am

Xiaomi has recently launched two brand new products to its crowdfunding platforms which include the Wayfarer Mi Polarised Aviator sunglasses in India. The Wayfarer is priced at Rs 699 and the price of the Aviator sunglasses will be priced Rs 899.

There had also been the introduction of another service which includes that after completing the payment for either two sunglasses from the Mi Crowdfunding website the purchaser can become the supporter of the product.

Xiaomi includes the goal of achieving 800 units for both the sunglasses in the next 7 days and after the fulfillment of the target, it will start its shipping of the sunglasses from 1st January.

The crowdfunding of the product is already completed and the fans are quite excited after the launching of the teaser of the product on 15th December. The customers are hoping to see a VR headset along with the device.

There had been an amazing response so far where there had been over 100 supporters for these products and it is increasing on a massive scale.

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