Google has implemented changes in dozens of its top apps to fit the new stock pattern of Android 9 Pie, following an even more minimalist design, full of white color for more parts on the interface in addition to updated app icons.

In the newest change found by users of the most used search engine app in the world, it is reported that the company already aims at changing the card system UI that displays the content searched for film, music, album, artist, book or other various topics.

As leaked in the screenshots, the change is extremely visible; instead of the use of more bright and strong colors, the company now changes to pastels and retains most of the original tones. The new big change could be the redesign of Info-card. There’s currently no info if the company is already starting to extend such design to all users or it is just a series of tests being carried out. Such changes can be seen (or not) in the coming weeks.