Indian Government has not swayed against Huawei over its alleged involvement with the Chinese military and hence has invited Huawei, along with Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson to conduct 5G trials in the country. While Huawei is facing turbulence in the western world, the company has been given the approval to start the 5G trial in India.

It wasn’t easy for the company to enter the Indian 5G market. In the initial invites sent by the government to global 5G majors, Huawei and ZTE were listed out. Though Huawei has still received an invitation, ZTE is still out of the list.

The developments come at a time when Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei’s Chief financial officer, is facing extradition to the US from Canada. She has been alleged of fraud by trying to sell telecom equipment to companies that were further selling it to Iran, despite U.S. sanctions.

The telecom company has asked the company to participate while complimented the company for developing the telecom sector in India. Regarding this Huawei stated that: “As a leading global supplier of telecoms equipment, we remain pledge in developing trusted and secure solutions for our customers. We continue to receive full support from the Government and industry partners alike.

Huawei has often been alleged of having strategic ties with the Chinese Government as well as the military, and this makes Indian Government take steps that could help India get a strategic advantage of sorts when it comes to dealing with China.