Hyundai has developed next-level futuristic cars that will allow drivers to unlock and start their cars using fingerprints. The new biometric system is much favorable for those who have a habit of forgetting car keys. It would be similar to that of picking up the smartphone and unlocking it with the fingerprint.

The system will be developed into the vehicle’s door handle and ignition button. The new Hyundai biometric system enables a driver to open the doors and start his or her car without a key once his or her fingerprint is pre-registered. The company will also include temperature and humidity control, steering wheel position adjustment, and so on in the personalized settings as well.

Also, multiple drivers and their fingerprints can be registered to the same car. Once the door handle sensor of the vehicle is touched, his or her encrypted fingerprint data is transmitted to the controller inside the car, and the car is unlocked. The start button is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, and the vehicle can be started when it is touched.

Hyundai states that this method of adding fingerprint technology uses human’s capacitance; the reader differentiates between the electricity levels in various parts of the finger to prevent hacking fingerprints.

The system also supports personalized driving settings by adjusting the driver’s seat position and wing mirrors based on the pre-registered fingerprints. Hyundai plans to debut this biometric feature in the new Santa Fe SUV that is expected to launch in China at the beginning of 2019.

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