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India is the second largest country to receive most spam calls in the world

Dec 18, 2018, 6:24 pm

India has been crowned this year as the country in the world with the second-largest number of so-called “spam” or unwanted calls, surpassing 18 other countries in the list. Brazil has taken over India and tops the list with 37.5 million spam calls which is an increase of 81% unwanted calls in 2018.

Truecaller, the mobile app that finds mobile number details globally given a telephone number has blocked 17.7 billion spam calls this year. India on the other hand, received a total of 22.3 million calls which is a marginal decrease in spam calls in the market (1.5%.)

Average Spam Call by User

The sample argues that the largest “spammers” in our country are the operators (91%), followed by calls for the scam (7%) and telemarketing (2%). In terms of total number India receives most spam calls in the world but compared to last year average call received by per user dropped by 1.5%.

Top Spammers In India

According to the TrueCaller data surprisingly operators take the maximum share for giving spam calls to the users. Further breakdown of call categorization in India spam calls coming from the same section substantially increased. The operators or telecom service providers use these calls to sell their product and services at the same time it upsells various promotional offers with latest offers and reminder. Not only that the scam calls have also increased this year compared to last year – from 3% to 7%.

The sample was made from incoming calls that users marked as unwanted, or that the app automatically marked them during the period from January 1, 2018, to October 30, 2018.

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