The iOS 12.1.1 was released a few days ago fixing a handful of bugs and to fix the remaining bugs the company releases a new update iOS 12.1.2.  iOS 12.1.2 resolves issues with eSIM activation on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, and also addresses some cellular connectivity issues with those same model iPhones in specific geographic regions.

The iOS 12.1.2 may offer software tweaks in China to comply with the terms of the Qualcomm patent dispute. In case you are not aware, a Chinese court last week issued an iPhone sales ban in China as it found that Apple had violated two of Qualcomm patents.

A software update would be released early next week Apple said: “to address any possible concern about our compliance with the order.”

The update would also address an issue that could affect “mobile connectivity in Turkey for all three latest-generation iPhones. The new update is 418.5MB in size. Updating to iOS 12.1.2 is easiest through the Software Update function in the iOS Settings app. Installing iOS 12.1.2 requires rebooting the iPhone. iPhone and iPad users can also install iOS 12.1.2 through iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC.

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