If there is something that can not be denied to Tesla is its ability to surprise. And an example is now an update that comes to several car models of the company, that it has in the market. The company has now added a new game to its dashboard called Classic Pole Position.

It was Elon Musk himself, founder of Tesla, who confirmed the arrival of several games that aim to increase the fun in the company’s cars a few months ago. Almost all the additions come in the form of “Easter eggs” (options hidden in the software), and the models of the firm where you can enjoy all the novelties are the following: Model S, Model X and, also, Model 3 – which has recently been possible to set up and reserve in Europe.

Of course, in the corresponding update that comes to Tesla cars, there are also missing bug fixes and some new more “seriously cool” features. A clear example of what we say is that now from the mobile application you can turn on the heaters that exist in each of the seats. In this way, it is possible to do this before using any of the vehicles mentioned, and therefore that the cold is not a problem.

The control of the game is done with the steering wheel of the vehicle, and Elon Musk himself has confirmed that the next development will reach Tesla would have the Blazing Chrome arcade game update.

Additionally, there is another feature that has to do with games: support for the use of controls connected to the front USB port of the car is added. So, it will be much simpler and fun to enjoy the Atari titles we have talked about.