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On 19 December, Alibaba announced that it’s using loT Technology to solve irrigation problems in arid areas. The researchers predicted that 1.5 West Lakes water could be saved in one year and by building an agricultural IoT platform to comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops it will help to solve the issues more efficiently.

Drought is a natural catastrophe that has affected numerous humans but moreover rather than being a natural disaster it is a man-made cause which can destroy human civilization. In modern China, drought problems still exist, and data show that in 2017, 300 million mu of cultivated land nationwide was threatened by drought.

According to local forestry bureau reports, In Bahrain, the drought has plunged due to large-scale pumping and flooding with electromechanical wells and other equipment, and the water level in the most dangerous areas has dropped by 18 meters.

Changing this extensive irrigation method is the entry point for Alibaba to solve the problem. Researchers exclaim how a deserted country like Israel has achieved miracles in the history of agriculture, and with the help of highly intelligent irrigation systems that exist everywhere like air. This is important since agricultural products not only meet domestic demand but also provides exports to Europe in large quantities.

It is understood that Alibaba also plans to carry out edge calculations on the farm side through the Internet of Things. It is to remember that the power of science and technology can transform agriculture on which humans depend. And Japan is just using digital technology so that these valuable experiences are inherited by future agricultural enterprises.

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