Apple gets trolled for promoting Apple Music on Twitter via Android device

Dec 19, 2018, 2:30 am

Stuti N.

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We every next day stumble upon the news of popular brands trolling over the web for promoting their businesses or products. Many of them result in controversies and competition amongst the brand loyalties.

A lot many times we have seen Android brands or the celebrity ambassador of a particular Android phone promoting it via iPhone on social media platform like Twitter.

Recently, we marked Samsung Nigeria promoting the Galaxy Note 9 on its official Twitter account via an iPhone.

And now after seeing such incidents happening with Android here comes, another one where Apple is caught in the same issue.

Earlier in the month of November, we saw the music pop star, Ariana Grande tweeting about her new song Christmas & Chill EP, where an official Apple Music account gave a response where they provided by link attached to the album.

Marques Brownlee the YouTuber who has gained popularity as a Twitter police in the recent days detected that the particular Tweet by the Apple Music was posted using an Android device on Twitter.

But this is not going to affect Apple much as we all know that Apple Music can also be installed on Android but surely promoting Apple Music via Android wasn’t wise enough. Should have been done via any of Apple’s product as they must keep their reputation and status first.

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