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4 Main selection criteria for portable DVD players

Dec 19, 2018, 10:07 am

Today, we no longer feel incredible delight because of the portability of new devices, entering the market with enviable regularity. Their dimensions and power consumption have dropped to incredible levels. Nowadays devices of this kind play the role of fashion accessories emphasizing the image of the owner. A portable DVD player is one of such devices. Follow this link for more info:

The first thing you should know is that a portable DVD player is several times more expensive than its stationary “brother”. If this is not a fundamental point, and you still want to become the owner of this device, we will try to help choose the most reasonable model.


One of the main parameters of a portable DVD-player is the size and resolution of the LCD screen. The larger the screen, the more comfortable it is to watch the video, but this also leads to an increase in the size of the player, as well as to a decrease in the battery life of the device. A 7-8-inch screen is enough for watching movies and photos, but for those who are not satisfied with these sizes, there are also 9, 10 and 12-inch screens.


Most portable DVD players have built-in speakers. They, of course, will not be able to describe the three-dimensional picture of what is happening on the screen.

When buying it is important to evaluate not only the sound quality but its maximum volume. Even with an average level of ambient noise (for example, on a train), the volume is often not enough.

For this reason, many owners use headphones. Headphones from the manufacturer are not always good regarding sound quality, but more than enough to watch movies. If you consider yourself a music lover, most likely you will have to purchase something more substantial. It is useful to know that some portable players have two headphone outputs.


The presence of a connector is an important parameter when connecting the player to various devices, such as a TV, home theater or speaker system. Modern models of LCD, LED and 4K TVs are equipped with HDMI connectors that allow you to receive an image in FULL HD format and also transmit a sound signal in good quality.

There are several types of pluggable connectors.

  • RCA – does not provide high-quality image and sound. The colors of the image will be dull and not expressive.
  • S-Video – in contrast to the type as mentioned above of connector, has a better image transmission.
  • SCART – transmits video and audio signals.
  • VGA – is often used when connecting the player to a monitor or personal computer.
  • USB – connector, which has gained the highest popularity in the market of digital devices.

The most common format of the connector is formed factors 2.0 and 3.0, allowing the use of flash cards of various sizes for viewing multimedia information.

For the correct choice of device compatibility, the instructions for the devices contain descriptions and drawings of the connectors used.

The Way of Control

Virtually all models can do without remotes, as they are equipped with multi-function keys and joysticks, through which access to frequently used functions does not take much time. In addition, the key illumination will be useful when using while traveling. This makes control comfortable in low light conditions.

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