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Xiaomi to discontinue its support for 5GHz Wi-Fi hotspots in European Union

Dec 20, 2018, 9:18 am

Xiaomi made an announcement which will definitely affect users in over 30 countries all around the world. On their official discussion forum, Xiaomi announced that all their electronic devices will discontinue supporting 5 GHz Wi-Fi hotspots (band 1) in European Union and other countries as well.

The Chinse smartphone giant Xiaomi has explained in the discussion forum the reason behind this decision. The company explained that this step was taken due to the Europian Union restrictions on the indoor use of 5GHz bands 1 and 2.

The European Union jointly passed a decree in which banned the use of 5GHz Wi-Fi hotspot. The union took this decision because the Wi-Fi bands often use frequency primarily used by meteorological and military radars. These bands pass over frequency channels proving itselves to be a threat to the military radars.

The discussion exactly read as follows, “5Ghz Wi-Fi hotspots (band 1) will no longer be supported on our products in the following countries and regions due to the EU restrictions on the indoor use of 5GHz bands 1 and 2.”

This announcement was followed by a long list of countries in which their decision of disabling the 5GHz Wi-Fi will be followed through. The list includes 27 member states of the European Union and countries and regions which recognize the CE marketing.

The support of this functionality (if any) will be removed from the currently retailed devices in the coming software updates. Thanks for understanding. – Xiaomi

Xiaomi has also taken precaution for their upcoming software updates which are yet to be rolled out in those regions.

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