Unsurprisingly, Niantic is developing an augmented reality game for the Harry Potter franchise. The first trailer was unveiled in November, and unfortunately, it got delayed to next year due to Ingress and Pokémon GO development.

Well, it looks like the developers are more comfortable now, so the company decided to release a new teaser for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In the curious 30-second piece a highway is shown, and then an object passes at high speed. When the security camera records are decelerated, it is possible to confirm that it was a Nimbus 2000s.

Still, without an exact date to be released, the game will arrive sometime next year. Of course, its launch will happen on mobile systems, specifically Android and iOS.

In the official site of the title, it is still possible to register to receive the newsletter with updates of the development. It is worth remembering that Niantic received a nice financial contribution from Samsung recently, which should benefit from games exclusively or temporarily limited to Galaxy devices, as we saw with Fortnite in August.

As for Harry Potter, in October a major leak revealed the development of a great open-world game, one that has not yet been officially confirmed and will probably take longer to reach the consumer.