The Walking Dead: The Final Season is now exclusive to the Epic Games Store for new buyers

Author at TechGenyz Gaming
The Walking Dead

The Epic Games Store is still new to the market and has promised to offer some free titles to its users, starting with Subnautica, which will be available for free until the 27th, and then Super Meat Boy, from January 28th to 10th. An interesting strategy to win some audience in a market already dominated by Steam.

And now the digital distribution platform has announced for those who want to buy episodes of The Walking Dead, the titles will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This was made available after the discussion about the future of this game, which would end the ownership of Telltale Games, the original developer, and hand the future of the last episodes to Skybound Games, a company founded by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.

This will only work on the purchase of Epic Games membership; all those who bought previously will receive, yes, the future episodes of The Walking Dead, without having to make any extra payment.

The Epic team has a big chapter in the history of the gaming industry. We look forward to working together on their newest transformative event: the launch of the Epic Games Store. Epic took a step forward immediately to work on cones to bring the original team together and ensure fans receive the full season of Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season. – Ian Howe, CEO, Skybound Games

The Epic Games Store is not the only investment outside the company’s “comfort zone,” it is also planning and already has a roadmap for its development of tools to help developers with cross-platform capabilities.