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ASUS to sport in-hole display and pop-up camera in its near future smartphone

Dec 24, 2018, 5:15 am

Recently on one of the patents for the pop-up camera, ASUS was seen anticipating three possible sizes for the pop-up camera. One camera among these three can only support pop-up camera but the other two can possess a few other components with it too.

It is clearly visible how the pop-up design is all around and another trend which is emerging very fast is the in-display design. Surely all the manufacturers are going to come up with all these updated features in the coming year which would surely raise the bar.

ASUS can be one of those brands as it has filed a patent with EUIPO for the protection of phone design with a punch hole camera which would be executed in the very same manner as it has been done on Galaxy A8S and Nova 4.

Like Huawei, Samsung, and Vivo Nex, ASUS has also filed the protection for the two of its patent design which is likely to be used by the brand in the near future.

ASUS wants the protection for its smartphones with some different sizes of the pop-up camera and bezel-less display.

It’s not yet fixed when will ASUS bring in their smartphones with these features or some more.

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