Call of Duty Legends of War will be the new mobile title that will take the frantic gameplay of Call of Duty to the palm of our hands. The game will be free and is still expected if there will be a global launch in the coming months. In recent tests, it was played with the idea of ​​a third way apart from the multiplayer and zombie mode.

It is no secret that modern mobile devices are no longer just phones, but in fact are pocket miniature computers. They are equipped with its own operating system, provide the user with a lot of opportunities and open up the world of entertainment on a small screen, which is always at hand.

Therefore, mobile games every day more and more win the hearts of users. Major game makers have seriously turned their attention towards mobile devices, creating mobile versions of the once popular or new games on the PC. Especially they spurred the emergence of interesting gaming smartphones.

Officially, the game Call of Duty: Legends of War is currently available on Google Play only in Australia. But we know how to help those who really want to install and already play a new mobile game. So far, there is no list of devices on which the game will be available, but it is already known that your smartphone should work on Android 5.1 or newer, and at least 2 GB of RAM will be required.

Now the game is reportedly getting a new update in China, which should soon start rollout globally. The update adds a new sliding and quick scoping animation and inherent feature, which should make it more realistic in Battle and like the PC version. The game is made by the same franchise as PUBG Mobile, which is Tencent and the final version of it is expected to have a battle royale mode.