Snapchat’s dog lenses; special AR filters to frame pup’s face

Dec 26, 2018, 6:20 pm

Moupiya D.

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When it comes about bringing new features, Snapchat is always ahead of the other social media sites. Two months back the popular social media app launched filters for cat called SnapCat, now the company has launched SnapDog, e new feature for the dog lovers.

Released on Christmas Eve there are some AR filters for your pups, meaning that people can take photos or videos of their pet and turn their faces into something goofy. Although the additional lenses for dogs are adorable, it’s not Snapchat’s first foray into the pet market.

There are currently only a handful of filters available for pooches, which can be seen in the promotional video. More lenses are currently in development, meaning there will be new ways to annoy your pet for social clout shortly.

Trying the new filter is easy, you just open Snapchat, click on “lenses” select the one you want, and snap away. But getting your dog to sit still and look at the camera is probably at least a little more challenging.

How challenging it might be, users are enjoying it much. The Tweeter account of Snapchat has also retweeted photos of dogs who have had their paws on the latest update on Monday. Wearing the adorable reindeer antlers, the dogs look every bit ready for the holidays.

At present, there are some filters available, but Snapchat is working on others which should arrive soon.

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