The annual developer conference earlier today was held at the National Convention Center where the Liu Chang, vice president of OPPO presented his speech and unveiled certain future technologies. The company at the conference announced the launch of the company’s intelligent voice assistant Breeno.

Oppo also unveiled its Gravity Plan, which will provide support resources worth RMB 1 bln to global developers. Although OPPO is a hardware company that makes mobile phones, its huge monthly number of live users makes it an internet company. The company believes that the future ecosystem of mobile Internet is an intelligent service ecosystem, and services will become lightweight, direct and personalized.

According to the company sensory interaction, artificial intelligence, and data analysis have become the three major trends in the future development of smartphones. These trends have inspired them to not only launch a touchscreen and phone interaction but also smartphones with voice gestures. The technological developments will bring more possibilities and new opportunities for subsequent smartphone design and construction.

The new technology Breeno is an intelligent assistant that integrates perception, decision-making, and learning. The motive behind Breeno is to open, create and share, and the company hopes it could become a universal ecological IoT hub in the feature.

Additionally, the Gravity Plan intends to attract talented developers to join and build an intelligent service ecosystem in the application cooperation, independent games, small game intermodal transport, fast application and other fields using support and concession.

The company also believes that for the future 5G era, it is essential to have deep integration of AI cloud computing, AR, and 5G among other technologies. It will help produce new hardware and services.