Nintendo may radically shift their core business to mobile games

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It has been only 17 days since the launch of Nintendo Stars Big Fight on December 7, and it has already sold more than 2 million copies. Consequently, Nintendo sits on the throne of the best-selling console game for the tenth time consecutively this year. Globally Nintendo Stars has sold 5 million copies in the first week, making it the highest-selling product in the first week.

However, Nintendo’s business sale has gone through some ups and downs throughout the year. Nintendo’s new president Furukawa Taro has voiced the concern that the core of Nintendo’s business may shift from the mainframe and they may expand their business into the mobile arena making it the core business of Nintendo if it is to happen.

To get a stable income Nintendo may choose to either get involved in the mobile business or get involved in the theme park and movie business. Nintendo’s former president Iwata Satoshi was vehemently against this idea of branching out into the mobile game business and so is Miyamoto, “the father of Mario”, but now situations have changed for Nintendo.

Nintendo has introduced the “Fire Emblem: Hero”, “Animal Friends Club: Pocket Camp”, “Bao Ke Meng Adventure Treasure Hunt”, and  “Lost Dragon Covenant” and other five mobile games in cooperation with external companies. Since the end of 2016, Nintendo has invested in mobile game with their ‘Super Mario Cool Run’ and in April this year, they have collaborated with Universal Studios to make the “Super Nintendo” theme park in Osaka.

Nintendo has been quite successful in their mobile game business venture, and their games have been able to rope in a substantial amount of sum since their release. While, for example, Pokemon Go has been able to get at the monthly flow of $80 million in November, their Switch business has entered a period of stagnation. In the past decade, Nintendo platform game sales have declined. “Nintendo Stars Big Fight” has been able to make only 2 million in sales and Nintendo’s overall sales have gone down each year.

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