After Sony XZ3, Google requires Android 9 Pie models can only be used with USB-PD fast charging technology, no longer corresponding to QC3.0 fast charging. Now Sony has introduced the first PD fast charge charger, the specific model is CP-ADRM2, the highest output is at 46.5W, the charger has intelligent power control, and the performance is safe and reliable.

One of the primary motivations behind the development of USB Power Delivery was to produce a single charging standard that could be used across all USB devices. The goal is to reduce e-waste in the future by removing the need for chargers with various ratings for different products. The standard is now on its 3.0 revision but is backward compatible with 2.0 products.

According to the source, the USB-C port voltage is supplied with a maximum of 39 W compatible devices, which is five times the power of the conventional USB charger. The charger can take the input of AC 100 to 240 V 34 W, while the output is set for USB-C at Max 39 W 5 V/3.0 A, 9 V/3.0 A, 12 V/3.0 A, 15 V/2.6 A USB-A 7.5 W 5 V/1.5 A and support for the 8-shaped connector.

Dimensions wise, (width X height X depth) the charge is specified to be at 65.0 x 78.0 x 31.0 mm and weigh 165 grams and the USB-C port is available up to 39W for compatible devices, and the USB-A port is available for 7.5W.