Unity today announced that it ultimately provide support for DirectX 12 for the Microsoft Xbox One console, which has seen peripherals being integrated into its gameplay. This framework is available in Unity 2018.3 and will bring improvements in performance by reducing driver overhead, improving the use of multi-core systems and more.

DirectX 12 for Xbox One brings with it the new Unity Native Graphics, which also makes a significant contribution to the performance of the machine’s Central Processing Unit (CPU). In addition to these performance benefits, DirectX 12 will support new rendering techniques on Unity, starting with Asynchronous Computing.

DirectX 12 DifferenceAlthough Unity continues to support DirectX 11, the company responsible for one of the biggest gaming engines has announced that it will make DirectX 12 the standard for new projects during 2019.

The difference between both DirectX reached 8% of the FPS rate in tests conducted by Unity itself with one of its free tutorial projects. These all in 1440p on Xbox One X.

Anyone with Xbox One development kit can do their projects on the platform and to get one you just need to sign up as an independent developer on the Xbox website by clicking here, after which some Unity employee will contact you when your access is available to the kit.