One of the projected devices of HMD Global’s 2018 was Nokia phones which were the near-stock Android experience. Earlier this year Nokia announced a partnership with Google to launch a bunch of Android One-based phones, the Android One programme ensures priority security and Android updates to smartphones.

Released in January this year, the Android 8.1 Oreo; Nokia 6.1 smartphone ensured to receive regular security patches and updates worth of OS. Regarding lenses, the Nokia 6.1 touts to have a 16MP rear camera with an 8 MP front snapper. Nokia 6.1 comes with the Pro Camera mode that allows its users to play with settings like shutter speed apart from, Zeiss optics, ISO and other. But it seems that the touted camera is not working fine with many users.

The camera quality as the device boasts empowers to do more than just point and shoot with its dual-tone flash and HDR quality images. Also, the 4K Video recording & OZO Audio capture was another highlighting camera feature of Nokia 6.1. But many users are facing camera issues with the 6.1 devices.

Users have commented that the camera app is making the phone freeze for quite a while. There are complaints regarding the focus of the camera, it seems that specific users have faced issues regarding the zoom feature of the camera saying that “it is not stable at all.” Also, the lighting in the camera dims on and off a lot in different areas of the video, sort of like a flickering computer screen.

Besides the camera issues, there are also other issues that the complainants have marked on like several bugs in the system, problems with the internal memory and many more. Though the users have taken to its official website and social media platform like Twitter to post their issues, there hasn’t been any communication from Nokia regarding when they’re fixing it. So, keep bugging until they bring an update to fix these soon.