Fuchsia, Google’s third operating system, will make a difference to Android. Being optimistic about the progress of the project, Huawei has joined the Mountain View team to test the system’s compatibility with the Kirin chips made by the Chinese company.l

The details of the Android Open Source project (AOSP) show that Google intends to make the system compatible with Android applications. This is important for the survival of Fuchsia after its launch, using a runtime version of Android specially designed to run Android apps.

Fuchsia is a new operating system developed by Google has the capability to run on universal devices from phones, tablets as well as on PCs. The project, based on new microkernel called “Zircon”, first appeared on GitHub in August 2016 without the official announcement.

The arrival of the new operating system from Google could be closer, and Huawei may be one of the first brands to use it, as it closely monitors the development of the project. Fuchsia no longer uses the Linux kernel, which will be based on the Zircon micro-core with Flutter engine and Dart language.

Huawei also developed an application to help visually impaired people, called Facing Emotions. The app is able to help users who have this limitation “read” the facial expressions of their interlocutor using the back camera of the smartphone and algorithms based on artificial intelligence.  The app will be able to observe changes in the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth to identify the emotions through seven musical signals.

The musical support of the application was a composition by the Greek Tomasz Bilecki. You can listen to the audio through your smartphone’s speakers or headphones. Designed to be used on Huawei Mate 20 Pro and with an offline operation, Facing Emotions is available from the Play Store.

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